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23:50 20th July 2016

Fitness boosts and unity triumph over game adversity...

Cardiff City’s German pre-season opener ended after forty-five minutes on Wednesday evening, as thunder and lightning saw officials draw proceedings to a close with the score at 0-0.

The game against RW Ahlen eventually kicked off at the Bluebirds’ north-west German training base at 8pm local time, after the initial Wersestadion pitch had been deemed unsafe to play on.

RW Pic10[1]

A full reccy on stadia, pitches and facilities had been done by Bluebirds staff prior to the team’s visit; however, as images on the Club's Official Twitter account show, recent pitch deterioration at Wersestadion saw a decision made between the two sides to move the fixture to a safer playing environment.

During the forty-five minute workout back at the Club’s first-class training facility, Paul Trollope put out the following eleven: Marshall, Ajayi, Connolly, Tutonda, John, Fabio, Whittingham, Ralls, Immers, Noone, Gounongbe.

RW Pic30

And despite the difficult circumstances preceding and, ultimately, causing a premature ending of Wednesday’s fixture, City's Head Coach reflected on growing squad unity on German soil as focus now turns to Saturday’s Osnabrück Tournament...

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