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14:38 25th June 2012

by @CardiffCityFC


Cardiff City Football Club has become a driving force by offering value via demand based pricing, working in partnership with leading pricing software developer, Digonex. The club will be deploying the Digonex supplied Sports & Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System (SEATS), the first fully automated, demand based pricing system for event ticketing.

Demand based pricing allows the club to attract a wide range of supporters to matches through more flexible pricing for home fans, whilst rewarding loyal supporters with the right price for the right game at Cardiff City Stadium. The message is clear - buy smart and buy early.


The prices for our home Championship fixtures from this season will fluctuate, dependant on a number of key factors. Ticket prices can change on a daily basis based on real-time conditions such as rivalries, match days and  times, league position and other factors, effectively reflecting the real world demand for tickets. This means that supporters who choose to purchase their individual tickets early will get the best possible pricing deal before any  potential fluctuation increases prices.


As a club we have always given the best pricing and priority to our season ticket holders and we will continue to reward their loyalty and commitment. Season ticket holders will always own the best-priced tickets, while retaining priority on all of our home and away games as a guarantee.


Our demand based pricing starting price will always be higher than that of the Ambassador Season Ticket Holders price for the equivalent price class and zone, but lower than the 2012/13 fixed match day pricing structure.


Ambassador season ticket holders will still receive significant savings over any demand based pricing structure. The move to demand pricing will offer greater flexibility and will ensure supporters will be paying the right price for the right product, importantly at the right time.


Cardiff City Football Club has written to all season ticket holders for the 2012/13 season to explain how the partnership will work in more detail, as well as how their season ticket package is broken down in terms of how much they have paid for specific matches.


"Once again the club are leading the way in innovation and we are all excited about the positive impact demand based pricing will have on both our attendance and revenue next season," said Cardiff City Football Club Chief Executive Alan Whiteley.


"We are excited to work with Digonex to offer our supporters a price incentive to come to matches at Cardiff City Stadium. Digonex has provided us with a new way to reach out to our fans and continue our commitment to providing them with a top notch spectacle at the best possible prices.


"While season ticket prices will always remain the most value and best way to support the club, dynamic match pricing is an exciting and emerging trend for football that our club will continue to refine and evaluate over the coming season."


Jan Eglen, Ph.D., CEO of Digonex said, "We've helped several organisations across a variety of sports launch successful programs demonstrating how demand based pricing can increase both ticket sales and profitability and so far the football clubs response to SEATS has been tremendous. This is an exciting collaboration for Digonex and for Cardiff City and they are to be commended for their pioneering efforts to bring fan based pricing to their supporters."


Sales of single game match tickets are in effect for the 2012/13 season and will not affect season ticket holder prices.

Official supporter groups have already backed the initiative in Cardiff, with both the Supporters Club and Supporters Trust recognizing the positives of demand based pricing.


Howard Morris of Cardiff City Supporters Club said, "We believe that Cardiff City's new demand based pricing system for match tickets is just the ticket! It will provide value for money to regular and occasional match goers whilst giving assurances to season ticket holders that they will never be disadvantaged on cost.


"It will encourage supporters and families with tight budgets to buy their tickets early at a good price. The cost will also reflect the significance of the game, whether it be a promotion decider or a run of the mill fixture.Importantly it gives our football club the opportunity to optimise their revenue at both high and low profile games. It is a new modern 21st century system and is another step to show our football club is gearing itself up to becoming a Premier League Club."

Supporters Trust Chair, Tim Hartley added, "Dynamic ticket pricing is an innovative way to ensure the stadium is full and that can only improve the match day atmosphere. Season ticket holders will still be paying less than people buying on a game by game basis. There's a clear message to fans here - buy early and get the best price."


About Digonex: Digonex focuses primarily on development of automated and optimized pricing platforms for e-commerce, allowing client companies to increase customer retention and maximize revenue. Digonex has been awarded eight patents for its innovative pricing systems. For more information, visit

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