Club News

Mark Hudson told press that it was the winning start that mattered against Huddersfield Town on Friday.

"We're happy with the three points - which is what it says (in the papers) tomorrow morning," said the Skipper. "It says 'three points', so we're happy with that one. 

"I think the tempos going to be totally different from pre-season games, they're always going to be like that in the first game of the season. They've come and sat in - tried to make it difficult, but that's the way it is. We tried a game plan and we stuck to it. They've had a few chances but, like I said, it's the first game of the season so it's always going to be difficult.

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"Marshy was brilliant tonight. We know what he's got and what he's capable of and we relied on him a bit too much tonight to keep the clean sheet. He was on his game.

"I'm just happy to have been in the right position to get the goal, but it's the three points that matters, and to keep the clean sheet. We didn't play well last time (on the first day of last season against West Ham) but it's the first game to get under your belt, to get everyone playing together and to get that intensity going. It's totally different to pre-season games, so we're happy to get off the mark and to get our season underway."