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1st Battalion Welsh Guards.Joining us as honoured guests on Sunday afternoon and marching ahead of kick-off are over one hundred Guardsmen from

.Captain Mark MillerThe following words have been given to us by


   Our soldiers are recruited from across Wales and as a close knit family regiment, I’m sure many of you will have friends and family that are or have served in the battalion.  We have been very kindly invited here as a sign of appreciation for the operational tour of Afghanistan from which we have recently returned.  Battalion Welsh Guards are honoured to be at the game as guests of the Directors, staff and supporters of Cardiff City Football Club.st“The 1


  While many of you are probably familiar with the State Ceremonial role that we conduct at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London, we are also an operational combat unit that has now deployed twice to Afghanistan. The first deployment was in the summer of 2009. “The Welsh Guards are an infantry battalion currently based in Hounslow, London.


A further two companies were attached to other infantry battalions for more traditional war fighting tasks; with one of these later becoming an asset to be used across the province for denying insurgents the opportunity to conduct any type of activity harmful to the provision of security.  One company ran the Helmand Police Training Centre; turning would be civilian recruits into the policemen that will be responsible for security as international forces begin to withdraw.  Two companies mentored and advised the Afghan Police at all levels from the policemen based in rural checkpoints to the Provincial Chief of Police for Helmand Province.  In each of these roles the Welsh Guards were at the forefront of the key challenges faced by British forces. “The battalion had a number of different tasks during this year’s deployment.


Cymru am Byth. The people of Wales can therefore be rightly proud of their own regiment.  “The reputation of the Welsh Guards is at a very high level across the defence community.