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spoke to the press on Friday, saying that the City camp is in high spirits after some good results over the Christmas period.Kevin McNaughton

“The mood has been good since our Boxing Day victory”, said Kev. 

“The boys had the day off yesterday (Thursday), but we’ve got another game on Saturday so we’ve got our heads back on for what is a very long season.

"You can’t dwell upon victories, in just the same way as defeats - so just got to move on to the next one.”

Kev also mentioned the necessity to work hard over the festive period with games come thick and fast, adding: “Christmas is just for the kids now, you don’t really get the chance to enjoy it. 

"It’s a strange sort of time for a footballer. You don’t really get excited, you just have to knuckle down over this period – which is exactly what the lads have been doing.

“You’ve definitely got to start looking after yourself at such a busy time, especially as you get older and start to pick up little injuries.  But I’m feeling sharper now, and enjoyed playing in the game against Palace.”

And moving on to Saturday’s match, Kev echoed his manager’s sentiments regarding the threat that Millwall will pose.

“It’s another really tough match, like every single Championship match. You can’t take anything for granted in this league - there’s another three points up for grab, and it’s three points that we need.

“When I came into this club seven years ago the main aim was to get promoted. So it’s great to see us on the right path to getting there, although the job’s a long way from being done.”