Ticket News

West Midlands Police Chief Superintendent Chris McKeogh has contacted the club to offer the following advice to visiting supporters before the first game of 2013.st, match commander for the Birmingham City v Cardiff City game on January 1

“Firstly, I think it is going to be a great game and I look forward to your visit. Nearly all supporters at a game are there to do just that; watch their team and enjoy an afternoon out.

“I know that having a drink is part of the occasion and all I ask is that you drink responsibly and within your limits. My officers will be tolerant and briefed to use their discretion; you will be able to enjoy yourselves and will have no problems providing your behaviour is orderly and sociable. For the benefit of the peaceful majority of fans, those who choose to misbehave will have to be dealt with.

“If you have been to St Andrews before you will know that the roads can be tight for coaches and for this game we are expecting more than usual. We haven’t got the final numbers yet, but it maybe that we ask coaches to park up close to the ground, whilst we wait for a few to get together and then we’ll escort them up to St Andrews.

“It will feel like a delay, but I do think it will work better and in the end, get you into the ground quicker. We might have to do the same after the game, so I ask that you are patient and understand that we will be trying to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

where we will post updates and information about our policing for the game. I hope all Cardiff City fans enjoy the game and have a good day out in Birmingham.”Finally, you can follow us on Twitter WMPBCFC