Playing your part to help those in need

has been set up to give the club and supporters the opportunity to make a difference in their local community and reward children who deserve it the most.Cardiff City Community Reward SchemeThe


The idea of the scheme is to give a select group of children the chance to attend a game with a parent or guest, who may not have the opportunity to do so ordinarily. We all want to help children within our local community and giving them a great experience and day out can really lift young people to aspire to greater things.


How can you help?One of the biggest success stories in football is the award winning Peter’s Family Stand at Cardiff City Stadium. With over 7,000 season ticket holders in this area the club is certainly breeding fans for the long term future of this great club.


We also know that for one reason or another sometimes the parents can’t bring their children. What we are asking is for those people to play their part in helping the Cardiff City Community Reward Scheme. All you have to do is contact the club and giving back their tickets so they can be resold.


This will allow families who can’t get into this sold out area to purchase these tickets and have a great day out - and all the monies raised from the sale will go towards funding a minimum of fifty tickets to go to less fortunate children. These children will all sit together in the Community Reward corner of the stadium.


The club will always guarantee fifty tickets for these children, but if more than fifty supporters give their tickets back the club will then increase this as well.


now to see the children against Hull and how you can really make the difference.www.cardiffcityrewards.comVisit


Andrea Brown, Customer Services Manager for the Football League said about the scheme:
“The fact that the family area at Cardiff City is sold out to 7,000 season ticket holders on a match day is a testament to the hard work and effort the club have put into making the family match-day experience at Cardiff Stadium enjoyable.

“When Cardiff City won Football League Family Club of the Year in 2011, rather than sit back and revel in this success, they have jumped at an opportunity to give more families the chance to watch their heroes from the Family Stand. The Community Reward Scheme is an excellent way of giving disadvantaged children who may not normally be able to attend matches, the opportunity to see the team in action.”

Vince Alm, from the Cardiff City Supporters Club also expressed his support for the scheme, saying: “It’s a fantastic idea to give under privileged children a chance to come and watch Championship football! Football is a universal sport that brings people from all walks of life together, and with the economic climate so tough many children find themselves unable to watch professional football. But this scheme allows them the opportunity and it also has the added advantage of the person donating the tickets for re sale to nominate somebody that will benefit from their generous act.


“This is yet another example of CCFC engaging with the community in a positive manner. Reading some of the comments of the children who have already attended a fixture really highlights their happiness and Joy of their day out donated by fellow supporters.’


When others are in need. “I’ll Be There”


now to see the children against Hull and how you can really make the differencewww.cardiffcityrewards.comVisit