Are you looking to get fit in Wales and just need that little bit of extra motivation?

If so, then Dr Andrew Murray has the right programme for you.

Cardiff City are supporting a programme lead by Dr Murray who is helping to raise awareness for getting fit and healthy. His latest challenge is trying to get people to run, walk, jog or cycle 5km every day for fifty days.

“This challenge started with a vision to make sport part of everyone’s daily life," said Dr Murray. "Not everyone will run a marathon; however anyone can complete the 5x50 challenge and experience the physical and psychological benefits that come from taking part.”

The inaugural 5x50 challenge attracted over five thousand participants from forty three different countries and raised over £63,000 for various charities while helping people get fitter and happier.

But Dr Murray isn’t just telling people to get fit and sitting back and relaxing. In fact he is taking on an incredible challenge that begins on November 21. He will compete in the ice marathon in Antarctica before trying to run at least 50 km on each of the world’s seven continents on consecutive days, a herculean task for any man to undertake.

Going from the freezing temperatures of the Antarctica to the heat of the desert, this is his insanely challenging schedule:

  •         ·21st November – Compete in Ice Marathon
  •         ·23rd November – Antarctic leg
  •         ·24th November – Patagonia leg (South America)
  •         ·25th November – Atlanta leg (North America)
  •         ·26th November – London leg (Europe)
  •         ·27th November – Pyramids / Cairo leg (Africa)
  •         ·28th November – Desert / Dubai leg (Asia)
  •         ·29th November – Sydney leg, Australia

said of the challenge:Tommy SmithCardiff City's
“I think the ‘Run the World’ challenge is a fantastic idea and I will definitely be signing up.

"I am lucky that my job as a professional footballer for Cardiff City enables me to exercise regularly. I hope that others will be encouraged to sign up to the challenge to get a taster of how good regular activity can make you feel mentally, in addition to all the impressive health benefits!”

While Doctor Murray is running the world he is challenging the general public to do a taster of the 5x50 challenge. Run, walk, jog or cycle 5km every day for a walk. Simple!

on Twitter for updates on his progress.@docandrewmurray and follow you want to find out more about getting fit using the 5x50 challenge or would like to donate to this incredible campaign, please head to: