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The Manager gives a frank post-match analysis of Tuesday night's game.

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spoke with honesty to press in the wake of Tuesday night’s 5-4 defeat at the hands of Charlton Athletic.Malky Mackay

“Again, we have to look at individual errors,” the Manager began. “We started really well and for half an hour we probably played our best away football this season. Five minutes before half time David Marshall drops one he would normally come out and catch easily and that goal gives Charlton that little bit of a glimmer before half time. They got their tails up, then the ball comes into the box and I’m sure Johnnie Jackson will never score an easier header in his life than that one.

“Second half and again if David Marshall loses a goal from sixty yards again this season I’ll be amazed; he’s been top class this season for us and that goal again put the wind in Charlton’s sails. We lost our shape after that a little bit and players that have been very consistent for us this season started to do things they don’t normally do. That’s what really put Charlton on the front foot and as the game went on we had to ensure that we didn’t give up. That was the one thing I was delighted with. We went at them and kept going and on another night it could have ended up 5-5.

"We’ve just got to make sure we stop the individual errors because that’s what’s killing us at the moment. There were certainly four goals on Tuesday that could have been avoided because of that. I’m not taking anything away from Charlton.

“What we can do is play the next however many games we’ve got between now and the end of the season and make sure we are more consistent. We’ve got a game on Saturday coming up and we’re sitting third in the league at the moment; we’ve got group of players that have been incredibly consistent this season in the way that they play and the way they have played for the club in picking up the points that we have. "We’re better at home than we are away at the moment. But teams go through runs in this league and we’re certainly on one of those at the moment. To throw out the 'Jeckyl and Hyde' comparison is easy for the press to do, but I have to look at the actual detail of the games that we play and the games we have played away from home and haven’t won. It’s individuals making howlers. If teams roundly beat you then that's fair enough, but that hasn't been the case and we have to look at that.”