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When you’re one of ten first-team players brought in at the start of a season, it takes some going to get yourself noticed.

, it’s something he has managed to do with consummate ease in a short space of time. Four goals and five assists in ten games tells the story. Nooney’s making a big impact at Cardiff City.Craig NooneFor


Swapping fellow promotion hopefuls Brighton for the Capital of Wales back in August, the humble twenty-four year-old winger’s journey from non-league roofer to Championship pace-setter has been well-documented. Mark Denham caught up with Craig ahead of yesterday's clash with Hull City to talk about life in Cardiff, the fame game and an unlikely dance understanding with Kim Bo-Kyung!



CF11: You’ve been here just over two months now Craig but have undoubtedly made quite an impact. You’re playing with a smile on your face too.


NOONEY:As a team we’re right up there challenging at the top of the table too which is what we all want. Yeah, I’m enjoying it in Cardiff, definitely. I have settled in now and I think it is showing in the way I’m playing. I have moved down here to somewhere a bit more permanent and it is all going well for me. I’m looking forward to Christmas and my girlfriend coming down has helped me settle, she has been a big help.


CF11: There have been quite a few goals and Man of the Match performances in a short space of time for you. Have you a favourite game and goal to date?


NOONEY:The Wolves game, my debut was obviously good. We beat a strong team that day and it was a great start for me personally as a Cardiff City player. Whitts got a hatrick on the day and was phenomenal, while the whole team really performed. Burnley was a good result too the last time we played here at Cardiff City Stadium; I scored in that one and my family and friends were here, so I would probably say that game is up there with my favourites and maybe the goal I scored that day has been my favourite so far.


CF11: The Club Superstore are having to make sure they order enough number 16s to cope with demand! You’ve quickly become a fan favourite – did you expect to make an impact in the way you have?


NOONEY:No I don’t think so, but obviously it has been good for that to happen. For the kids to be wearing Noone shirts really makes me proud. When I first signed professional and saw the first kid wearing a shirt with my name on the back, it was unbelievable. I was trying to chase the kid to get a photo of him with my shirt on because of what it meant to see it and that is still the case now when I see City fans wearing my shirt when we arrive at the Stadium on match-days. I have seen a few this season and some kids come up to me and say that they have got me on the back of their shirt, like the mascot on Saturday at Bolton. It’s fantastic to see and it means a lot to me.


CF11: You’ve quickly risen to become one of the first names fans look for on the team-sheet on match-days. Is it fair to say that your role is more prominent here than it’s ever been?


NOONEY:Yeah I think so. I think I always knew at Brighton that I would play a few games, but I didn’t play many ninety minutes and certainly not consistently every week. The manager has given me that chance at Cardiff City and that is why I am showing my best I think. I am confident that if I keep playing games, I will keep scoring and creating chances. I know there is pressure when you are starting games, but I would rather be starting every week than coming on like I did at Brighton and being used an impact player. Here I am a starter at this moment in time and I prefer that. I’ll keep working hard to make sure I keep my place though as it’s what is expected of us all.


CF11: And finally, talk us through Kim Bo-Kyung’s and yours ‘Gangam Style’ celebration at Bolton! Who’s idea was that?


NOONEY:(Laughs) Kim mentioned he could dance ‘Gangnam style’ and he showed me it in training. I said to him that next time I scored I would do the dance and I asked if he would do it with me. He said yes and I got his interpreter to ask him a few questions and to see what it was like, and whether he did really know it. He obviously did from seeing him at Bolton; there are some good photos around of it too!