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Ahead of the Bluebirds’ trip north to face Burnley, Cardiff City winger Craig Conway answered questions on City’s success this season, and on how it felt to be a Premier League player.

“After the game everybody went out and it was a good night, but to be fair that has obviously finished,” he began. “We want to go to Burnley tomorrow and hopefully go on to win the league now. We’ve been top since November now so it would be a shame to let go after that.

“It was an amazing feeling with everybody running on the pitch at the end – a bit scary as well – but it’s up there with my best achievements in football. I think everybody would agree that the Championship is one of the hardest leagues to get out of – there’s not much difference between the bottom and the top. Everyone in the squad has played their part. It’s definitely a squad game over forty-six matches, and it’s very hard to play every single game. Everybody in this squad has had a run in the side.”

Craig was next asked whether there were any pivotal moments in the season that contributed to the club’s achievement, to which he replied: “I think the time around Christmas was important. We went on a good run and everybody else was dropping points – I think we went twelve points clear at one point.

"I think the consistency we showed then meant we could afford to have a couple of slip-ups. We haven’t had a real sticky spell this season like we did last year. I think we only got beaten twice in a row once this year, so we’ve been pretty consistent.”

Cardiff’s number eleven told of how he saw the summer going, as his manager will need to ready his squad for the challenges of a new division. He revealed: “That’s just something that’s probably come to be expected when going to the Premier League.

"The owner has put his money where his mouth is, and has spent on the club this season. We have quite a big squad, so that’s a decision the manager will have to make. Everybody wants to finish the season strong.

"For me I want to play as I have done every game. The Premier League is one of the most-watched leagues in the world, and if you’d told me five years ago that I would be playing in it I’d have laughed at you.

“I thought I was coming to a club with ambitions to go up. The manager has stressed since early on that we were going for promotion, and it’s nice for that to have happened now."