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Malky Mackay was left to rue missed chances and cursing the woodwork after his side lost at home to Brighton on Tuesday night. It was a night when all the stats bar goals were in our favour, but missed opportunities, good goal keeping and some Seagull luck prevented us leaving Cardiff City Stadium in a good mood.

“It wasn’t the right result for us tonight,” he said. “But if you don’t score your chances there’s a good chance you’re going to get beat, which is what happened.

“We ended up with twenty two attempts on their target compared to their two and I have to say that I think we started really well. Their goal in my opinion led a charmed life at times, but these things happen.

“They scored just before half time, though I don’t think it affected us too much. We were really on the front foot in the second half against a good team like Brighton who keep the ball well. We certainly pinned them in during the second half. From here it’s about making sure we keep on trying to play well. We can have complaints tonight over the missed chances, but I’ve no complaints in the way we played. We simply have to take our chances.”

Malky also calmly confirmed that what many of us thought to be a second half penalty on Craig Bellamy was fully agreed by the fourth official. Sadly though, the referee didn’t see it that way, instead giving a free-kick.

Malky explained, saying, “He’s got it wrong. Their player (Bruno) was inside the box and Craig was on the line when the foul happened. The referee then gives a free-kick outside the box, though by the letter of the law, from what the fourth official tells me should have been a penalty. That has clearly cost us.”

Despite the disappointment of losing the game, Malky could draw positives ahead of Sunday’s trip to Wolves.

“I’m frustrated that we didn’t score with the amount of chances we created, but happy with how we played,” he said. “I thought we played well against a good team. We also have to remember that this is only our second defeat in eighteen games.

“Had we not played well and been beaten I’d have been annoyed. But we played well and have to stay calm and keep focussed. They are very good group of players who have done well for us this season and I think they’ll keep on doing just that.”