Cardiff City Football Club is pleased to announce the opening of our new state of the art Futsal arena, located next to the House of Sport Coaching Academy.


The new arena will allow youngsters the opportunity to take part in Futsal coaching sessions, specifically designed to encourage technical ability at a fun and high-tempo pace through training and small sided games. Our Futsal development programme aims to provide boys and girls with a taste of the fastest growing indoor sport in the world.

Futsal is widely considered as being a valuable tool in the development of young players to assist them in becoming more technically proficient. The game encourages players to develop agility, balance, co-ordination and speed ( ABCs ). It also supports players to become more comfortable with the ball and multiplies opportunities to practice passing, dribbling, turning, shooting and ball control whilst under pressure.


February 2013 and every subsequent Tuesday. The schedule is as follows:thFutsal Sessions at the Futsal Arena start on Tuesday 26


5.00-6.00pm –Group 1: Mini Kickers (Age 4-6) and Group 2: Under 8s and 9s.

6.00-7.00pm– Group 1: Under 10s and 11s.


coaching.futsal@hotmail.co.ukThe course is comprised of six coaching sessions at a one-off cost of £25.00. If interested, please complete the form below and return to