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The turn of the New Year has seen injured striker Nicky Maynard maintain steady progress on his long road to recovery from the cruciate injury sustained at the Den against Millwall in September. He may be out for the duration of the 2012/13 season, but all at the club can be pleased with his advances – a view shared by coaching staff and players alike.

began by explaining, “Nicky is doing very well. The consultant over at the Vale hospital, Chris Wilson is very pleased with his progress, now at three and a half months. Likewise the physios and strength and conditioning team are very pleased. It’s at the stage where he can get his boots on and start some light outdoor activity. His progress is very good.Richard CollingeHead of Performance

“He’s gone through the phase where he’s done the bed based work and today we did some strength testing with him on a special machine at one of the local universities. But to put the boots on and to get a feel for the ball again is great news.

“It’s good progress, but there’s still a way to go with him and we are hopeful that we’ll hit our targets towards the end of the season for getting him back into full training. You can’t rush these types of injuries because I’ve seen instances in the past where players have gone back into training too early and they’ve broken down with other associated injuries. We have to make sure that Nicky’s right and to make sure that he’s fighting fit for next season.”

added his view, saying, “Nicky is at the same situation that he should be at right now, but there’s no miraculous cure or advanced timeframe for a cruciate injury. It is what it is and it takes what it takes to recover. We’re happy with his progress, though it’s certainly no different to what we expected at this point. Nicky will be ready for the start of next season.”Malky MackayCity boss

Support for the former Crewe, Bristol and West Ham forward is also there amongst the players, most who fully understand the frustrations of being on the sidelines, away from the main group and the excitement of matches.

, a player who has had his own share of time in the treatment room showed his support, saying, “He’s a very good striker and his injury early this season is very bad luck when coming to a new club. With him the team would be stronger and he’s working hard with the fitness and medical team to get over his injury.Rudy GestedeFellow front man

“He’s also a good guy – it’s not only about football and it’s good that he’s still in with us at this time. It’s hard when you have an injury because you don’t feel as much of the group and it’s important to stay in touch, which is what we’re all doing.”