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Malky Mackay was pleased to see Ben Nugent signing a new long term contract with the club today, once again speaking highly of the young defender and Cardiff City prospect.

“He’s a kid that has a fantastic attitude and I think that’s a great starting point,” Malky said. “He’s someone that desperately wants to do well and learn, so I’m delighted for him. He’s worked very hard this past six months, coming up to the seniors after having injury problems in his youth, but he came in and impressed all the coaches and myself in such a short space of time.

“It shows the amount of work he has put in and with that being the case we have rewarded him with a longer term contract.”

“He’s come in and managed to stand the test of playing in the first team. As a youngster you don’t know whether they’ll sink or swim until they play their first game at a professional level, but he took that in his stride. He’s captained our reserves and if he keeps working the way he does he will be a good player for Cardiff in the future. I’ve seen a lot of young centre backs coming through and he’s certainly one who has a lot of the correct attributes to go and have a good career.”