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Malky Mackay spoke of his pride in his players following Saturday's epic 2-2 draw at Hull City.

Watford losing at home to Leeds United meant that the point was sufficient to take the Tigers up to the Premier League in the second automatic promotion place.

“It wasn’t easy to focus with the attention on the game, but I have got a great group of professionals,” said the Championship winning Gaffer.

“The season is about going out and playing forty-six games and seeing where the land lies after that. I thought you saw that here where right until the end, both teams were trying to beat each other. That’s the way it should work.

“I’m delighted we are leaving this league with the most clean-sheets and wins. I’m so proud of my players for being relentless in the way they have performed every week because this is a tough, tough division. It is so tight, but I’m proud because we didn’t limp over the line.

“There was no way we wanted to lose and I don’t think we deserved to. I had three forwards on at the end, but I don’t think Hull were expecting any favours from me. They certainly never got any.

“It was strange. A sending off, two penalties and a pitch invasion all in the space of five minutes is certainly something I have never experienced before. But this is Hull’s day so congratulations to Steve Bruce and his team.

"We've got our promotion parade in the City of Cardiff tomorrow where it's anticipated that there could be over 100,000 people on the streets to celebrate with us. It's going to be a tremendous occasion for everyone and one that I think will live long in the memory for the people of Cardiff."