The six hundred and forty mile round trip for the midday kick-off on Sunday hasn’t gone unnoticed at Cardiff City. The Stadium of Light trip will see many a Bluebird spend eleven hours or more on coaches if travelling up and back the same day. Once again the commitment of our travelling supporters is there for all to see for a game that could be easily watched in the comforts of home on Sky Sports.

“It’s a very difficult time of day for our supporters to come all the way up to Sunderland,” Ole said in this week’s ‘In the City’ preview show on Cardiff City Player. “It’s a long trip and a big distance and we all really, really appreciate it. Hopefully we can put on a great performance to show them how we feel about them, because they’ve been absolutely outstanding.”

On Thursday we asked our official Facebook community for travel plans to Sunderland, a selection of which are below. From all at Cardiff City we say a big thank you to the eleven hundred plus supporters making the long trip to Sunderland for a critical fixture. As the gaffer says, hopefully this will be a game you’ll be proud to say, “I was there!”

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Eugene Richards is taking a break from a Swiss holiday: “I’m flying from Switzerland to Birmingham, then travelling up to Sunderland”

Neil Griffiths: “I’m going Friday to Monday, staying with family. My son is mascot”

Cameron McNeil: “This is a home game for us Scots lads… 7am departure. Enjoy the early start lads!!”

Mark Block: “3am set off, should be fun!”

Tayler Chapman: “Up and back same day! Can't wait! #SupportTheBoys”

Simeon Neads: “2am bus from Neath, straight back”

Daniel Jason Reilly: “Up and down on the same day with a 3:50am departure should be fun... Sleep all the way up is in order I think!”

Keith Williams: “Up on Friday, back on Monday with York v Newport and Sunderland v Cardiff in between. Enjoying plenty of beers with a good mate”

Melvyn Lloyd: “I live in North Yorkshire so it's a 9:30 start for my 70 mile drive! It's one of the easiest of the season for me (Cardiff is 245 miles)”

Alex James: “Same day, setting off at 1 o'clock”

Sophie Jayne Howells: “Up and down on the same day with the supporters club. A 3am start for me”

Karen Bennett: “Going up on Saturday and will be finding a pub to watch newly motivated Man Utd stuff Norwich (hopefully)”

Conor Smith: “Work on the Monday so unfortunate up and back on the same day, 4:10 I'm at my pick up point, going to be a long day”

Ash Clode: “Overnighter, spending Saturday night in Newcastle!! Bluebirds!”

William Witherell: “I'm going on the same day at 3.20am from Talbot arms with gezza and the boys"