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Ole Gunnar Solskjær was understandably frustrated on the back of the 3-0 home loss to Crystal Palace, a result that puts Cardiff City six points adrift from safety.

“This was very disappointing,” Ole acknowledged after the match. “It was a big game for us and I'm very disappointed for the fans and the players. They did really well preparing for this game and we've ended with a performance and result like this.

“We lacked some quality in the first half, we had some good attacks down the right hand side. In the second half it took its toll, towards the end when we were two-nil down the goal took the belief from the boys. Palace are a hard team to break down and we ran out of ideas.

“I think every single manager at times can hold their hands up and say they've made errors. I had a plan today - you've got to play away from their central midfield, their strength. We played some fantastic football down the right-hand side, though if we started again I would start with the same formation and players.”

On whether his side could stay in the top flight, Ole was positive, but realistic, saying, “It's been a tough season for everyone involved with the club - the first time we've been back in fifty-one years, which I think showed in the second half. There was a lack of belief towards the end; we ran out of ideas after a first half in which I thought we were the better side.

“A defeat is a defeat – it's horrible. Today is very hard of course and we have to produce a miracle to stay up now. I've got more energy and more fight than ever. Things like this give me more fight and galvanise me.

“They are professional footballers and we still have something to fight for; they realise that. If we produce a miracle against Southampton we may be back in with a chance. There are five games to go with a six point gap. If we can produce a miracle, we're still capable of getting out of this and staying in the Barclays Premier League.”