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After the loss to Newcastle at St. James’ Park, Ole Gunnar Solskjær admitted that Cardiff City’s relegation from the top flight was his worst moment in the game to date, while also vowing to do everything in his power to steer the Bluebirds back to the Premier League at the earliest opportunity.


On a difficult afternoon for all connected with the club to take, numerous chances on goal went begging thanks to a combination of blocks and narrowly missed efforts that on another day would have found the back of the net.


“A big part of the team talk today was to go out there and give the fans something to cheer about going home after another long trip,” Ole said. The fans again were unbelievable, but unfortunately we couldn’t reward them as we hoped to.


“What's most frustrating about the match is that it's a match we really should have won based on the multiple opportunities we had to score. We didn't take them though and that, added to with other results this season, we are where we are.

“It's extremely difficult to take, as these lads gave everything to fight for the cause and in my view didn't deserve to lose this game. I’m proud of my players for the effort they put in, working so hard to create such good chances. But, as said, when chances like that come your way you have to take them at this level.


“The atmosphere in the dressing room after the game is of frustration and disappointment, no doubt as it is on the coaches and in the cars of our supporters heading home. I only hope that the fans could see the effort from my players out there, because they gave everything.


“We know our jobs can make a massive difference to people’s lives and it’s not something that we take for granted for one second. Today you could see that the lads ran their socks off and played their hearts out, even after going two goals behind.


“We created chances and know that we really should have scored, but it wasn’t to be. But we do care and appreciate the support they constantly provide, once again making a long trip for the second time in a week. They were unbelievable today.


“I’m proud to be the manager of Cardiff City Football Club and I’m disappointed that after coming here in January, I couldn’t steady the ship to make us safe. But now that it’s happened we have to plan ahead and work to bounce back. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself, I’m going to work with my staff and players this week, aiming to end the season with professional pride with a strong performance against a very good Chelsea team, after which we start planning for next season.


“The club has spent a number of years before this season as one of the challengers at the top of the Championship. Right now we have to take a step back and prove we have the character to try and bounce straight back for our supporters. This was a new experience for most of the players and it’s something we’ll learn from and use next season.


“It'll be a difficult task to lift ourselves, both on and off the pitch after being relegated – and yes, we wanted to go into the last day having a chance - but next week we owe it to all of our supporters and ourselves to go out and play with some pride, starting next weekend on the final day against Chelsea.


“Relegation today is the lowest point in my career so far and we are all hurting, but now it’s happened we have to look forward. I always knew that it would be a tough job when I came in, but we've worked hard and stuck at it. At times we've done well, while we've also been unlucky on some occasions. Today we put in a good shift, after their opening goal playing really well and creating chances. But we didn't take them, which at this level as we all know can be extremely costly.


“My job now is to plan ahead, making the most of what we have here and looking at who to bring forward and who to bring in.


“Financially this is a club that has a lot going for it. We have an owner who wants to be successful and part of the job is to try and keep as many of the very good players we have together to move forward together. We’ll do what we can to keep our best talent, asking them to stay with us and give us all a chance of playing in the Premier League again in fourteen months.”