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Iconic defender reflects on "a great opportunity"

Danny Gabbidon on Tuesday afternoon – his first interview since returning to the Bluebirds as player-coach.Cardiff City Playerspoke exclusively to


first-team playing staff with defensive coaching duties.Ole Gunnar Solksjær’sWith a wealth of Premier League and international experience behind him, Danny will combine his role as part of


channel, Danny said: “It’s been a good month. I came down and trained here for two or three weeks, trying to get myself fit, and seeing what could maybe happen.YouTube and the Official Bluebirds Cardiff City PlayerIn an interview, which you can see in full this afternoon on


“At the end of last week the manager began to mention about coming on-board, and maybe getting involved a little bit with the coaching as well as playing. That was a little bit of a surprise at the time, but it was an exciting offer. I thought about it for a few days and I decided that it was a great opportunity for me to take. I’m delighted to be back here at Cardiff City.”


Having been a key figure at the Club during the transitional years of 2000-2005, Danny reflected on the cyclical nature of football and his feelings on being back at the Club with whom he arguably made his name. He said: “You kind of always hope a little bit that maybe you can come back.


“A couple of years ago in my last season with West Ham, I had an opportunity to come back, but the club wouldn’t let me leave. After that it looked as if maybe the time had gone, and I couldn’t really see it happening, but football is a funny game. One season is never the same as the next.


“This opportunity then came up; it was a great chance and I’ve enjoyed training with the lads these past few weeks, so I decided I’d like to stay a little longer if I could.


“The lads have started the season really well – we’ve got off to a good start and we’ve played well defensively, so it looks like it’s going to be quite tough for me to get in there and play! But, if I get that opportunity soon then it would be great.


“It’s fantastic coming back to a club where I’ve got such great memories of playing and seeing how much it’s changed now with the new stadium and everything. It’ll be great to pull the Cardiff City shirt back on again.


“I’ll work very hard, get myself up to speed and wait for my chance – if that comes, it would be a great moment for me.”

Watch Danny's return interview in full on Cardiff City Player - and a teaser on YouTube below: