Linked to our return to traditional home colours and the confirmation of a prominent Bluebird on the Cardiff City crest, in February we conducted a match experience survey, asking our valued Season Ticket Holders for their views and feedback. Out of over two thousand survey entries, seventeen hundred completed and verified Season Ticket Holder replies were collated, which was an excellent return and extremely helpful in giving the Club an extended insight into the match-day experience from a supporter perspective.

As you will recall, the survey – the first of many planned supporter interaction touch-points ahead – asked for your views on the match-day at Cardiff City Stadium. The term ‘experience’ is a broad one in this context, as we know that different people enjoy different things. But by talking to fans we know that we can shape the day accordingly and focus our resources with greater accuracy. It will take time and patience – and more importantly it will take the effort of all of us to get the best possible results over the summer.


When analysing replies, the Ninian Stand and Canton Stand were the highest represented respondents, with the city of Cardiff taking in 36% of replies. As expected, most other responses came across South Wales districts.

While the nature of a Season Ticket Holder survey lends itself to respondents aged thirty and over, by looking at the replies we can still see that the Club needs to find ways to engage with younger supporters a little more. Social media is a route we already enjoy in communicating with younger fans, but more can be done on the match-day itself. As per the Family Stand and Canton Stand, we know that there are ways in which we can add to the match-day experience for those aged 16-24, for example.

Views on Season Ticket pricing was very encouraging, as over 64% placed pricing in the excellent, better than expected or about right. 11% considered pricing to be too high, while Season Ticket renewal results showed that 7% were against the idea of renewing. 30% were a guaranteed yes, with 40% stating they plan to renew, but would wait before committing.

On reasons for missing fixtures this season, the highest result was at 42% for prior commitments. From the rest, 28% hadn’t missed a game, with 26% citing recent results.

One area of interest and action stands out, with over 50% of you arriving just one hour before kick-off. While we appreciate that it’s difficult to compete on some levels, we look forward to discussing achievable ways in which we can encourage you all to spend more time with us at Cardiff City Stadium. Of your replies, food offerings, Wi-Fi and comfortable surroundings were top of the list.

A good example of an area that requires further discussion is the entertainment at Half Time. For example, we could direct more attention to pitch activity, while others could prefer we do more in the concourses. Whatever the outcome, there’s a lot to consider over the summer. Many supporters are also interested in the music we play, which is an easy way to allow fans to direct what we do.

Survey replies on the venue and welcome from staff was extremely positive, with some good examples of ideas we can adopt here from other similar venues. Football was also the priority on what makes the match atmosphere better, which we have all seen to be the case in recent years at Ninian Park and now Cardiff City Stadium. Many of you were also aware of our ‘standing safely’ area and the ‘singing section’, though we recognise the importance of reinforcing this message to newer fans.


and guests last Saturday, with Julie having been drawn from our survey Supporter Survey respondents to win a hospitality box for ten. We hope all concerned enjoyed the day in style.Julie CurtisWe were pleased to welcome

. All three were picked by random to win a free 2015/16 Season Ticket at Cardiff City Stadium. We just beat Jeffrey to the punch before renewing, while Anthony and James had already renewed. All concerned will be able to use the saving or refund as a personal treat. Enjoy one and all.James Lavelle and Anthony Covington, Jeffrey MorganCongratulations also go to runner up winners


As stated by Chairman Mehmet Dalman and CEO Ken Choo in their final home game programme notes, the hard work is planned to continue over the summer, helping to shape the match-day experience and more in-line with what you the supporters want to see. Our policy is to collaborate and deliver realistic results over time, needing the buy-in and patience from all concerned.

We will be contacting all who opted in to take part in further talks and sessions. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and here on the official website for more info over the summer. 

Thank you once again to all who took the time to share views and constructive feedback on improvements at their Club.