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The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted a new addition to our USW Stand before Saturday's win over Reading FC.

With help from our friends at Ricoh Wales, a new 110" screen & HD Ricoh Projector has been installed. Whether its the latest from our Bluebirds Player team, or the early kick-off on Sky, you can now make the most of your pre-match viewings at Cardiff City Stadium with this fantastic new addition.

The Club has already received enquiries from fans regarding the projector and screen, rest assured, Cardiff City Football Club and Ricoh Wales are working together, looking to make further improvements around Cardiff City Stadium's concourse areas in the coming months.

You can read more about the statzones that have also recently installed around the ground at Cardiff City Football Club, here.

The new 110" screen and projector was used for the first time on Saturday afternoon.

.Cardiff City taking over the screen afterwards, showcasing all the latest news and highlights from around Bluebirds TV, 3-0, in the early kick-off on Saturday with Huddersfield Town defeated Leeds United

visited the concourse area on Saturday, taking the time to speak with supporters about the project.Ken Choo and Chief Executive Officer, Mehmet DalmanCardiff City Chairman,