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“I went to my first Cardiff City game when I’d just left school in 1952. I was fifteen at the time… little did I know that it was the start of a lifetime supporting the Bluebirds.”

As featured in 'The Bluebird' match-day programme, Cardiff City fan Colin Clarke tells us his City story...

“My late brother-in-law and I used to watch matches on the Bob Bank at Ninian Park. We accrued countless away game miles too, in my old, beat up Morris Thousand.

“When we played the Bristol matches, against Rovers and City, we’d go by motorbike via the Aust Ferry, before the Seven Bridge was built.

“I remember a cold, winter’s drive to Derby County. We arrived just in time for the evening kick-off, lost the match, and set off home again with hardly any money in our pockets – just enough to share a bag of chips.

“We were back to work on time the following morning too. An experience that was repeated many times over the years. That’s what loyal supporters do – or should I say insane ones?

“It pays to have understanding wives or partners. Each time I leave the house for a match, my long-suffering wife calls out to me: 'hope they win, love.'

“What more can a lucky man want?

“The players in the old days were a tough bunch. My favourite was the late Danny Malloy. In my opinion he was the best centre-half Cardiff ever had. He was a rock. A tremendous player, as tough as they come.

“We have had some wonderful times over recent years too. There’s such camaraderie supporting the Bluebirds. I go with my butties every week. We love it and I can never wait for the next home game.

“Some wise guys, who know of my Bluebirds addiction, often cast derisory comments, asking if I’m still going to matches. ‘Yes I am thanks,’ I reply. ‘How’s your knitting coming along?’

“I like Anthony Pilkington from today’s squad, and young Matty Kennedy. They have natural talent, nice balance. I’m all for attacking football. I suppose everybody is.

“At the moment, City are doing well in the Championship. I’m seventy-eight years old now, and still being thrilled by it all.

“Apart from a two year spell of National Service from 1956 to ’58, I have supported the Bluebirds from that very first day in ’52.

“Furthermore, I intend to carry on doing so until the ref blows time on me.”

Colin Clarke