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We've got a quick turnaround with the 'Bluebirds Jukebox' this time around with the Bluebirds' match with Bristol City fast approaching. Cardiff City fans are once again invited to get involved with the match-day experience by voting for their favourite songs from the below selection.

The ‘Bluebirds Jukebox’ allows Cardiff City supporters the opportunity of picking their favourite song amongst a selection to be played before each home match. The top five voted will be played on the screens at Cardiff City Stadium, including music videos during the fans takeover/warm up period. With a variety of musical tastes catered for, these songs will be split into genres with the third set of selections that can be found below.

You can vote for your favourite song via the Cardiff City Wall – letting us know future potential selections on Social Media using #BluebirdsJukebox. Bluebirds fans up have until 2.30pm on Friday, 23rd October to choose your pick from these selections.

Check out each song below, from which you can choose your favourite. Don't forget to let us know your personal favs using #BluebirdsJukebox