Joanna Borley updates us on the development of HOS3

*Watch Joanna speaking to In The City at the end of this article.*

The Cardiff City House of Sport has continued to grow at an astonishing rate since its launch in November 2010.

Having started as a single indoor 3G training pitch, the coaching excellence centre grew to offer two high-quality indoor training facilities by April 2013 (the second, a polyurethane multi-sports facility), capable of housing sports including football, rugby, netball, futsal, basketball, handball and many more. From grassroots to elite first-team level – the House of Sport has become a bedrock of the local sports community and Cardiff City Football Club.

Backed, invaluably, by Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Steve Borley – each of whom actively support sport development in Cardiff and the surrounding areas - the House of Sport facilities have progressed even further in recent months with the construction of HOS3. The new addition to the House of Sport’s training centres boasts four indoor tennis courts and two additional netball courts, along with the first roller rink of its kind in Wales (continued...).


To find out more about the progress that has taken place at the House of Sport, Cardiff City Player & The Bluebird caught up with Executive Director, Joanna Borley.

Speaking proudly about the strides that have been taken to increase participation in various sports in South Wales, Joanna first commented on the expansions and development of the House of Sport 3.

“The facilities are really taking shape now and are nearing completion,” she began. “We are now looking to open the facility at the end of November. Our new build here at the House of Sport 3 is primarily directed at three main sports – as it has several new tennis courts and an overflow facility for netball, as well as a roller rink.

“We are working alongside two organisations, Tennis Wales and the Diamond Tennis Academy, to develop and increase participation in tennis here in South Wales. The new indoor courts are top of the range and we’re sure that they will help us to do just that and get people involved in the sport.

“We’re also looking to support the growth of netball. There has been a rapid increase in participation levels of netball in Wales recently. With our additional courts here, we are looking to host that growth at the House of Sport too.

“The House of Sport 3 is going to have the first roller facility in Wales with a purpose built, brand new option. The roller rink is virtually booked out even before we’ve opened the doors, which is great, as it looks set to be a very popular addition.”

Cardiff City CEO and HOS Executive Director, Ken Choo, added:

Not only used by professional teams, the House of Sport welcomes high volumes of grassroots clubs, corporate bookings, charity events and general bookings.

Due to high levels of interest, please make ALL booking enquiries via email the House of Sport via . You can also visit