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City fan Jules Richards tells us the story of a kickabout with his hero on the Ninian Park turf...

“My dad was a big Cardiff City fan all his life – he took me to my first game when I was five years old, and I was hooked ever since then.

“My best memory is my birthday in February 1980 when I was seven years old. We had the usual morning – breakfast, opening the presents… My parents got me the new Cardiff kit with the yellow and white trim on the side, which I was delighted with.

“My dad painted our garage door blue with a yellow and white stripe as well! I used to play football against that all day.

“Anyway, I then got a letter from the Club welcoming me to go to Ninian Park for a tour on the day and to be a mascot at a match a few weeks later.

“So, we headed down to Ninian, had the tour of the ground and a few pictures taken around the stadium. Then we went out on the pitch.

“As we were coming back into the tunnel of the Grandstand, Ron Healey walked out, bouncing a ball, tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘come on son, let’s have a kickabout’.

“I’d been wearing my new kit all day of course, so I was ready for it!

“We went down to the Grange End to kick the ball around and take some shots. The picture of him stretching out to try and save my shot was amazing – my dad was stood by the corner flag and took that photo as it went in.

“Some of the other efforts were really poor so thankfully we didn’t get them on camera!

“It was amazing to just have a twenty minute kickabout with your idol. Along with John Buchanan, Ron Healey was my favourite player at the time, so it was such a nice surprise.

“I’d been a mascot and a ball boy too, so I saw a lot of good games. But that day, for me as a kid
, topped them all.”

Jules Richards

From a memorable match at Ninian Park, to an away day that has stuck in your mind, or even a meeting with your favourite player, we want to know the greatest moment that you’ve had as a City fan.

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