Club News

The Bluebirds recorded an excellent 3-2 victory over Huddersfield Town in a thrilling match at Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday. Sol Bamba continued his impressive form since joining City and his defensive partnership with captain Sean Morrison was a key factor in securing the result.

Shortly after the final whistle, Sol offered his thoughts to the assembled press and media.

“That’s what the Championship is all about”, began Sol. “The game had goals, controversial decisions and in the end we came away with the three points so we’re very happy. If we manage to keep playing like that I think we’ll win a lot of games.

“We are happy to put our bodies on the line for the club, at times our football could be a bit better but that will come. That result will be very good for our confidence.

“We want to be higher up the table but we can’t get carried away as it’s a difficult league with a lot of good teams. There’s a lot of time left in the season and if we can put a run together, winning two or three games, then I’m sure we can get ourselves up there.”

It’s been over a month since Sol made his debut; scoring in the Severnside derby win over Bristol City and the Ivorian has nothing but good words to say about his City experience thus far and his developing partnership with Sean Morrison. 

“The boys have been great so far”, he continued. “They’ve made it really easy for me to settle in and the manager has been really good too.

“I had known the club from afar and I had played here a few times before with Leicester and Leeds. So I knew it was a good club and I also knew a few of the boys here already which helped. Obviously the manager played a big part in it, we always wanted to work together, but we never had the chance so everything came together.

“Sean is a good player and when you’ve got a good player next to you it’s always easy. He’s a great leader and great captain of the club, he’s made it easy for me with plenty of talking and it’s so far, so good.”