Club News

After the international break, the Bluebirds return to action against Huddersfield Town tomorrow. Ahead of our return to CCS, City boss Neil Warnock spoke to the media at the Vale Resort, discussing the team’s progress during the week off.

“The break has given a lot of people the chance to get fit. Jazz Richards is not far away again. Matt Connolly is back training with us. It has given us the chance to regroup, and also have a look at what we can do to try and improve the goal tally.

“I’m sure the lads will be doing their upmost in the next few weeks to take us up the table”, he said. “I’m aware of the difficulty of the fixtures that we’ve got coming up, but I think on our day we could beat anybody. It’s down to us to get the positivity and work that little bit harder to get the goals that we need.

“There’s a little bit of insecurity around, which comes with the position we’re in. There’s a little lack of self-belief. I think the training ground is important at the moment, and trying to get a little extra out of some of the lads. They’ve got a good spirit amongst them, and there’s not a bad egg, which is unusual when you go to a club.”

With a pause in the fixture schedule allowing time for reflection, Neil commented on his aspirations for the next few games, and the remainder of the season as a whole.

“I think we’re very much capable of putting a run together. The Championship is wide open this year, as open as it’s ever been, really. But I believe it’s crucial to get the two major positions sorted out in January, early doors hopefully. I have two major priorities in my mind, then maybe the icing on the cake for a third.

“It’s a matter of getting the best out of what we’ve got until then, and scraping results out. I always think that if I get a pre-season under my belt, I can get promotion anywhere. The club here is structured for success. Our first fight is fighting our way to a respectable position. The work is done in the summer, or at the end of the season.”

The manager then turned his attentions to tomorrow’s opponents Huddersfield Town, one of Warnock’s former clubs.

“We played them at Rotherham last year, and they were one of the best sides we played. I was very impressed with the way they played in midfield; they will have a lot of possession because that’s how they are, they play that way. I think David Wagner has done ever so well, you can see he’s enjoying it, he’s enthusiastic and they’ve got some good players.”

Neil concluded: “It will be a good test for our back lads, with Wells and Palmer. It will be a tough game, but we’ve got to enjoy games like that. I think it’s better for us playing against these teams, where I think we can match them in certain departments and cause them problems. Whatever team we put out, I know we can win on our day.”