Help us to create a new-look Cardiff City Stadium for you...

Cardiff City Stadium is to undergo a process of visual and creative upgrades, intended to better your match-day experience and provide a more welcoming feel to guests old and new.

As such, we’re asking you to give us your feedback on certain specific areas relating to the match-day experience – and indeed the experience of being a City fan – so that our creative team can get a bigger picture of what CCS should look and feel like as we move forward.

The six questions are:

   If you could make a visual improvement to one part of the stadium, what would it be? 6. 
  What does City mean to your family? 5.  
   How are City fans different? 4. 
   Describe the perfect match-day. 3. 
   Greatest moment as a City fan? 2. 
   What does being a Cardiff City fan mean to you? 1. 
You can get involved in a number of ways, namely:

Social Media: For the next four days leading up to Saturday, we’ll post six specific Cardiff City questions on Twitter and Facebook and you can let us know your answers. Use the hashtag #BeingABluebird

Email: By emailing and using the subject ‘Being a Bluebird’, you can send us specific answers to each of the six questions.

Letter: If you’d prefer to write to us, you can send us a response to the questions above. Letters should be addressed to: Mark Denham, Cardiff City FC, Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ.

Thank you – enjoy – and play your part in creating a bigger, better and brighter Cardiff City.