Bluebirds nominated for National Award...

Cardiff City FC has been shortlisted for ‘Best Match Day Experience’ at the Football Business Awards 2016.
The Football Business Awards recognise and reward the hard work that takes place to support the success of the game. This is the national event at which all the achievements off the pitch are celebrated at the end of each year.
With an illustrious judging panel selected for their particular experience and expertise the Football Business Awards has grown into a significant annual football calendar event. The awards are becoming more and more difficult to win every year, and an increasingly valuable marketing badge for those who manage to do so.
Now in their fifth year the 2016 ceremony will be held at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC, on Thursday 3rd November.

The Club has been shortlisted for its continued commitment to the betterment of the match-day experience, of which fan engagement and an improvement in supporter relations and dialogue plays a critical part.

Following her appointment to the role in February 2016, Cardiff City supporters are encouraged to contact Fan Engagement Manager Amy McNiven with any suggestions, concerns or queries they may have using the email

A commitment to responding to supporters within three working days has seen the Club able to press forward with improvements in multiple areas, improve match-day for all ages and thus be recognised by virtue of this national nomination.

"There is more to come"Ken Choo:

Cardiff City Executive Director & CEO Ken Choo said of being shortlisted: “We continue to push forward on match-days with more activities and opportunities for our support base; it’s vital that City fans feel they can come to Cardiff City Stadium and enjoy the whole day.

“We will continue to evolve and develop our match-day experience at Cardiff City, but I’m thrilled that the excellent work we’ve been able to do in a relatively short space of time has seen us nominated in this field. There is more to come.”

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