Club News

Neil Warnock’s Cardiff City welcome Mick McCarthy and his Ipswich Town side to Cardiff City Stadium this Saturday for a Sky Bet Championship fixture.

“I thought we played quite well at times (against Birmingham), I thought we played a lot of good football in areas," Neil began. "It’s always difficult playing against that sort of system, and Ipswich play a similar kind of system.

“We’ve got to come up with different scenarios. You’ve got to have plan B’s for that sort of system, which we’ll be trying tomorrow. We’ll have a look at the way they set their play up and see if we can cope with that.

"We're a bit thin on the ground, with a couple of doubts for the match. (Bruno Ecuele) Manga trained well on Thursday, and we hope he might be able to go on the bench.

"It's a tough game against Ipswich, but then we've got a few weeks to recuperate."

“It’s such a league that the bottom can always beat the top any day of the week, and you can’t step away from that," Neil continued. "If you’re not one of the top teams like the teams coming down from the Premier League, then you’ve got to have something different.

“You’ve got to have a great dressing room, with fabulous spirits and know when the chips are down your lads will come through.

“That’s why I love the game. I’m in the Championship, and I’m not bothered how much money these other clubs have got, I know I can give them a game if my lads are up for it.”