Cardiff City Lotto | Saturday's Jackpot Estimated At £11.1 Million!


Do you want the chance to win millions of pounds while helping fund the next generation of Cardiff City FC players?

Cardiff City Lotto is an exciting online game giving fans the chance to win life-changing jackpots. With Cardiff City Lotto, fans can bet for the opportunity to win huge cash prizes and at the same time contribute directly to the development of the club’s youth programme.

Find out more about how Cardiff City Lotto directly benefits the Cardiff City FC Academy here.

To place a lotto bet, all you need to do is select six numbers from 1 to 49 and one 'Legend' number. Once you’ve opened your account, wait for the lotto draws and keep your fingers crossed!

With lotto draws every Saturday and Wednesday, and at just £1.50 a bet, supporters aged 18 and over can get involved and play their part in the development of the Academy.

This Saturday's rollover jackpot is an estimated £11.1 million! To enter, place your lotto bet before 6pm on Saturday at:

Cardiff City Lotto is powered by Lotto Network, which funds and pays all prize money in full. Every week more and more winners are being made and the next one could be you!

Cardiff City Lotto