Board Response To Open Letter

Club News
The Board of Directors have been made aware of an open letter circulated by individuals within the body known as Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust to Tan Sri Vincent Tan. As such, the Board would like to clarify issues in respect of communication with this body and indeed the nature of this unhelpful, inaccurate and disruptive written piece.

The organisation known as Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust was de-registered as a mutual organisation/Trust from the Financial Conduct Authority in 2016 and does not meet the Football Supporters Associations (FSA’s) basic minimum requirements. For these important reasons, Cardiff City Football Club does not recognise the Trust as an official entity.
Cardiff City Football Club and its Board of Directors recognises Cardiff City Supporters’ Club as its primary supporter body, alongside the Disabled Supporters’ Association (DSA) and Cardiff City Travel Group.
It is these supporter bodies, representing Cardiff City supporters as a collective, with whom the club’s Board and its executives have constructive and healthy regular communication for the betterment of the supporter experience and indeed the long-term wellbeing of our Football Club.
It is unfortunate that a small collective of individuals chose the hours prior to kick-off against Derby County on Saturday morning to pursue a personal and self-serving agenda against the Club they claim to support.