Erol Bulut

Bulut post-PNE | We have to be more aggressive

Erol Bulut
Erol Bulut spoke to the press after the Bluebirds fell to defeat against Preston North End at CCS.

“We started a really a good game, the first 30 minutes until we conceded.” Erol began. "It was the first shot from the opponent, and we at that time had had three or four shots.

“Of course, this brought our confidence down a little bit. And then to get a second goal, where in my opinion before that goal it was a foul against Kion. The referee allowed a lot of fouls.

"We cannot say that is why we lost the game. But there are key moments and details. Three shots from the opponent in our goal, and two goals. For them it was good, but not for us.

"The transition from attack, from offence to defence, we have to be better. And also one-against-one situations inside the box, defensive shape. We have to be more aggressive."

Erol Bulut

It was the first opportunity for our January recruits to make their home debuts, with Aaron Ramsey also making his comeback from injury in the second half.

"They have not been here longer than one week, so this is normal. Now we have a very close period with games every three days, so we will use them.

"From the game today, the new players know what we have to do. I hope the next games will be much, much better.

"We can use Josh Wilson-Esbrand as a wing-back, as a winger or even as a number eight. He will add something, for sure.

"We need patience - all of us. I need patience in many things. We have new players, and we will try to adapt them as quickly as possible. But of course, they have to know their teammates much better. This will come with the next games."

"Aaron was away for a long time, four months. It's not easy for him to come in and change everything. He tried a lot, and this is normal. But form is not easy after four months. He will get more minutes to adapt better to game speed."

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