Erol Bulut, Dimi Goutas

Bulut post-Rotherham United | A winning spirit

Erol Bulut spoke to the press after Cardiff City’s 2-0 home victory over Rotherham United.

“It’s perfect to have four wins and to get back that winning and fighting spirit,” Erol began. “The last four games have gone really well, but we can’t stop. We have to continue to work hard. In three days, we have to travel to Middlesborough, so it will be difficult, but we will be prepared.

“You saw today that the opponent was staying tight and didn’t have many chances in the first half. It was not easy to open up their defence, but after we got that first goal, we started to find other chances, and then we scored the second. I’m satisfied with the performance today from my team.”

The forward line once again performed admirably, and Bulut praised the work of the likes of Kion Etete and Karlan Grant.

“We’ve been working individually with all of our offensive players, but right now for Kion, it’s going really well and I want him to continue like that.

“Against Coventry, Karlan picked up an injury because he got a cut on his leg. He’s still a little irritated from that, but he tried his best today and he was good.”

Erol Bulut

The three points moves the Bluebirds into the Play-Off places and the City boss is pleased with how the team have started the season.

“When we see how difficult a start that we had in the league, it’s not easy,” Erol continued. “Especially bringing in good players on the market without spending any money, but we tried our best, everyone worked really hard.

“We’ve got some good players in, and I’ve said before, everything has to work and come together. Not everything comes together in one day and we still have to work to get to where we want to be. There’s a lot of hard work in front of us.”

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