Erol Bulut

Bulut post-Southampton | We continue to learn

Erol Bulut
Erol Bulut spoke to the press after Cardiff City’s 2-0 defeat away from home to Southampton.

“I said to the team, we have to face the opponent high up the pitch,” Erol began. “The first 20 minutes, I didn’t like. The opponents scored two goals, and we should have been more sharp and aggressive, like we did in the 70 minutes after we conceded the two goals. 

“We were more aggressive after that. Southampton did create some chances, because they are a team with high quality, and it is normal for them to create chances when we go for high risk.

”In the end, we did create some chances. KG had one he could’ve scored. If he scored, maybe the second half could have been different. 

“But at the end of the game, we can all say these things. It is about the quality to finalise things up front and our level right now against these kinds of teams.”

Erol Bulut

Although the recently relegated outfit took the victory in Hampshire, the boss remained confident that the points will continue to come as the season progresses.

“Against teams with high quality like Southampton, Leeds, Leicester and West Brom, you need quality in order to finalise these actions when you create the chances. This, I think, is the small problem that we have.

“If we get chances and keep the ball a bit better, we will create more chances and score.

“We learn from our mistakes, and we will continue to learn. But over the coming games, we have to take the positives from our previous games, to try and score goals and get more wins on the board.”

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