Erol Bulut

Bulut post-Swansea City | We will not put our heads down

Erol Bulut spoke to the press after the Bluebirds fell to defeat on Saturday afternoon.

"In the first 30 minutes, I think we were not in the game." Erol began. "We knew that they were going to make pressure, and we also had our options to come out from that pressure, but we couldn't manage it well.

"We were not satisfied with the first half. In the second half it was better, but we should do it from the first minute. I think also, for the first goal, it was a foul against [Perry] Ng. The referee saw it a little bit different.

"In the second half we made changes to come back. We also had a few chances, but we couldn't score. We made good pressure, and had a few chances to score at the end. We tried to come back, but it didn't happen."

Erol Bulut

City now have eight matches remaining of the Championship campaign, beginning against Sunderland on Good Friday.

Erol continued: "We are all together - we win together and we lose together. We have to accept it, like we have to accept many small details in the game.

"I've spent a long time in this business, as a player and a manager. Of course, you want to win and I hate to lose games. In a derby, it's more frustrating.

"I'm still proud of my players, from what they have done from the start of the season until now. Sometimes, you can not have everything, and it happens like this.

"We will not put our heads down. We will continue our work. We have eight more games and we will try to give the best for our fans."

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