Erol Bulut

Bulut pre-Millwall | We have to find our winning spirit

Erol Bulut addressed the press on Thursday ahead of Saturday afternoon’s match against Millwall.

The Gaffer began by reflecting on recent results, with our upcoming matches at CCS providing an opportunity for City to continue the fight for a spot higher on the league table.

“The confidence in the squad is much better than what we had at the start of the season,” Erol began. “We grow game to game with this. For the offensive players, when they’re not scoring or creating chances, they know that they need to continue to work.

“Right now, when I look at where we are on the table, we have to think positively. Of course, when I look at the last few games, with three lost, I don’t like it.

“Sometimes it happens when you’re playing against very good teams, you lose when you shouldn’t. Against West Brom we should have taken at least a point and against Norwich City all three, in my opinion.

“We could have four more points right now, and we’ve got to now take them from somewhere.

“Now, we have to get back to scoring from our chances, and find our winning spirit to win games. Playing well is not enough, so we need points through winning these games.”

Erol Bulut

Discussing the challenge that he expects from Saturday’s opposition, Erol continued:

“We’re expecting a similar challenge to what we’ve seen recently against Preston North End; tall guys and a good, hardworking team who run and fight a lot. We’re expecting another hard game.

“We have to be focused for that game. Our players have been training hard in preparation this week.

“I think that in the Southampton game we woke up after the first 15 or 20 minutes. On Saturday, we will need to be ready from the first second. Not only that, we’ll have to be ready from the first second until the 95th or 100th minute.”

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