Erol Bulut talks to the press pre-SWFC...

Bulut pre-SWFC | I know where we can be

City boss Erol Bulut spoke with the press on Thursday afternoon, previewing our upcoming clash with Sheffield Wednesday.

The boss began with a squad update ahead of the Owls’ visit.

“We have an injury from the last game for Josh Bowler,” Erol said. “It is his calf. It looks like he won't be with us for the next game. I hope it will only be this one game. He's started well too. Maybe, this injury is because he didn't have many games before and came straight in.

“Everyone else is okay. We'll be without Mahlon [Romeo] because of the red card. It shouldn't be like that. We have to be more careful.”

Erol Bulut

The Bluebirds are without a win in the league this season, but their style of play and strength has already gained admirers.

Erol continued:
“When we see the last three games, how we played and how we tried to manage it... Against QPR was different. We had the game in our hands. We had 60-65% of the ball, if you see the statistics, we should win the game!

“We hit the post three times and had chances to score but didn't manage it. We made the transfers to alter the offensive part of the squad, but we couldn’t manage to put the ball in. We have to work on it. For me it is positive. Only, we have to not only do it for 45 minutes or 60 minutes, but we have to do it for 90 minutes.

“Defensively, always there will be small mistakes. But when we are making these mistakes, the opponents hurt us. When the opponents make mistakes, we don’t hurt the opponents. If we did, we would be sitting here with six points. And individually we have to work on our skills to make fewer mistakes.

“We have to think defensively and offensively we have to be more concentrated. Don’t act too quickly - make a few metres more, make one more pass - we are training every day for it. I hope this week we will take our first win and other wins will follow.”

Erol Bulut talks to the press pre-SWFC...

The Owls are also looking for their first victory of the league campaign.

“Sheffield Wednesday haven’t got a win and we have analysed them,” Erol said. “They stay really deep in defence. They try to be compact, but we have trained on it to get in positions to score and then we have to finalise it. We have to create chances and we have to score.

“I don’t need to tell my players different things. We have good players. We have a good team and I know what my team can give on the field and where we can be. We have done and will do even more good things.”