Club Statement | 24/04/20

Club News
We are able to announce that a voluntary agreement has been reached between our First Team players to help maintain financial stability at Cardiff City during this unprecedented time of global economic concern.

Following constructive discussions between the Board and playing staff, it has been agreed with the greatest of will that all First Team players will take partial pay deferrals for three months in order to support the club and protect the livelihoods of its non-playing personnel.

Mr Choo said: “I’m pleased that our players have come together with us to make this significant financial gesture in support of our club and owner.

“We have a tightly-knit community within the club between our non-playing staff and players; this personal connection compelled our players to step forward and do what they have done, and I’d like to say how proud of them I am for doing this.

“We look forward to returning to the normality of sport in the not too distant future but, until then, will continue to do all we can to protect the infrastructure of our club and community.”