Rubin Colwill

Colwill pre-Hull City | We've got to put results together

Rubin Colwill
Ahead of Saturday’s match against Hull City, Rubin Colwill spoke to the press at CCS.

Having played the full 90 minutes against Blues, the forward reflected on Wednesday night’s narrow defeat, with the Bluebirds now looking to return to winning ways against the Tigers.

“It was really nice to be back out there,” Rubin began. “It’s been a really good season so far for the Club, and a big change from last year.

“We weren’t happy because we want to win every game, and for the game to go the other way on such a small difference, it could have gone either way. We were capable of winning that game, and it’s frustrating that it didn’t go for us.

“It’s just how the season goes, really. You have good patches and bad patches, and I think that the level in the Championship this season is really high, so it’s going to be a challenge to be consistent throughout the season, and we’ve got to just put the results together where we can."

Rubin Colwill in action for Cardiff City

Turning his attention towards the weekend, Rubin praised the squad, who returned to training on Thursday morning.

“Hull City are a good side with a lot of good players,” he continued. “I think it’ll be a tough game but we’re more than capable of getting a result there.

“I think that most things come down to form, and at the moment we’re a little bit out of form, but we’re working to turn that around quickly.

“We’ve got a good group. It’s a good mix of younger and more experienced players, with a lot of good characters.”

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