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Community Foundation Round-Up | Changing the game in education

Community Foundation help kick off Sports Day at Pencaerau Primary School

Last week, Cardiff City FC Community Foundation Multi-Sports coaches had a blast on the field with Pencaerau Primary School on their Sports Day - through the Premier League Primary Stars project.

From thrilling races to fun-filled games, everyone had a terrific time. The athletes gave it their all, and the school spirit was truly amazing!

Primary Stars uses the appeal of football to inspire children to be active and develop essential skills in more than 19,000 primary schools across England and Wales.

The investment they receive from the Premier League & Premier League Charitable Fund is crucial for us to make a difference through both Primary Stars, and their wider work to change lives and transform our Cardiff City communities.

Find out how the Community Foundation can benefit your Primary School here.

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation
Inspiring young minds with the ‘Head in The Game’ Project

Finlay Baker, 14, a pupil at Bassaleg Comprehensive School, has been celebrated for making remarkable progress thanks to the Community Foundation's 'Head in the Game' project.

Living with severe ADHD, Finlay struggled to focus and manage his emotions, resulting in disruptive behaviour and a lack of motivation. But through the power of football and tailored mentorship, Finlay has found a sense of belonging and developed a clear vision for his future.

The 'Head in the Game' project is a 12-week programme designed to help students develop life skills, improve mental well-being and set positive goals. When Finlay first joined the project, he faced many challenges that affected his daily life and well-being. He refused to go to school and struggled to get out of bed each morning, but is now eager to attend school every day before 9AM. With a stable routine, Finlay's mental and emotional well-being has significantly improved.

Juliet, Finlay's Mum, said: "Before Finn was referred he had been completely disengaged from many aspects of life including family, friends, school, football and rugby. The two latter being his two passions. With the guidance and mentoring of Tobi through the ‘Head in the Game’ project, he is now a different individual. He is enjoying his sports again, attending school and a happier, more engaged person who is looking forward to his future." 

 Finlay's story shows the importance of providing support and opportunities to help young people in Cardiff City FC Communities reach their full potential. Learn more here.

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation
Cardiff City FC Community Foundation team up with #FitToTalk

The Community Foundation have been working with FitToTalk to help empower their Higher Education students with resilience, goal setting and the importance of communication through Health and Wellbeing workshops.

With FitToTalk, they're helping their learners talk more, giving them confidence to communicate, showing them the importance of eating well and exercising while building their confidence to believe that they can achieve their goals.

The Community Foundation create a welcoming and supportive environment so that their students can thrive. The BTEC Level 2 & 3 in Sport Performance & Excellence are unique courses where students can further their love of sport and passion for learning, in a non-traditional learning environment. Their passionate tutors work closely with each individual to understand their needs to help them progress to university or employment, supporting student’s ambition to progress into higher education or employment. 

 Learn more about their Further & Higher Education provision here.