Corey Price Cup

The Corey Price Cup 2024

Last week, Cardiff City FC Academy's U9-U12 sides participated in the annual Corey Price Cup.

This tournament was created and named in memory of former Academy player, Corey Price, who sadly passed away following a car accident in March 2015. Corey was a huge inspiration to all those who knew him.

Several teams from across England and Wales took part in the competition, with a variety of age-group tournaments taking place throughout the week.

There was success for the young Bluebirds, who were crowned Series Winners at U9 level, as well as the U11s winning their weekend competition.

U9s winners
U9 Winners - Manchester City
Series Winners - Cardiff City
U10 Winners - Polish Soccer Skills
Series Winners - Wolverhampton Wanderers
U11 Winners - Cardiff City
Series Winners - Chelsea
U12 Winners - Aston Villa
Series Winners - Wolverhampton Wanderers
U9 winners

Commenting on the competition, Lawrence Hallett, Lead Foundation Phase Coach 9-11, said: “For the teams that are in the series, this cup is immense because it becomes the cornerstone of the games programme. It’s high quality, it’s highly competitive. One team could win it one week and then finish last the next, that’s so important for these players development.

“Tournaments like this are fantastic because the children experience what pressure is like. It’s a very powerful teaching tool that enables them to grow and deal with setbacks as well.

“I am staggered at where we are compared to where we started. We all feel very proud about where it is at. Seeing the tournament and just seeing 18 teams, some of the biggest clubs in the country competing is fantastic.

“This tournament is essential for these kids’ development. When their careers pan out and when we’ve spoken to scholars and players that have gone through the system, we ask them what do you remember about your academy journey and they say tournaments. This is a flagship and will be a milestone for their remaining days.”