Cardiff City players

DSA Quiz night at CCS

The Cardiff City Disabled Supporters Association held their annual Quiz Night at Cardiff City Stadium last week, attracting a substantial turnout of City fans, club staff and members of both the First Team and Women’s Team. 

 With over 200 Bluebirds in attendance, the DSA's annual quiz kicked off with a Q&A session featuring former players Roger Gibbins, Cohen Griffith and Jeff Eckhardt.

Then, DSA Ambassador Joe Ralls led his team of nine first-team players, in a battle of wits against the former players, Rhianne Oakley's Women's team and various teams made up of City fans and club staff.

Cardiff City players

Throughout the evening, numerous player shirts, boots, and memorabilia were offered as raffle prizes, significantly contributing to the impressive total of £1,900 raised. These funds were evenly distributed between the newly established Former Players Association and the DSA. 

Kieran Jones, chair of the DSA, said: “Special thanks are extended to Cardiff City FC and Compass for sponsoring the event, as well as to all those who generously contributed to the raffle and supported the occasion.” 

DSA Quiz winners