Erol Bulut

Erol post-Birmingham City | We have to give much more

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City
Erol Bulut spoke to the media following Cardiff City’s 1-0 defeat against Birmingham City. 

“The first 45 minutes, we did quite good things. The second half was not how we want to be” he began. “We made some changes, but it was not how we were planning to play.

"It was mostly individual actions, everybody alone trying to score, but alone we cannot do anything, we have to make it as a team, all together. We have to give much, much more. It is not enough for the target we have.” 

Erol Bulut shakes hands with Wayne Rooney

Erol was asked about injury updates during his post-match press conference, after Perry Ng was replaced early in the first half.  

“Perry said that he couldn’t see.” Erol said, “I will speak with the medical staff and I hope it is nothing too serious.

"Joe [Ralls] had a problem with his hip. He was not ready from the last game. I hope it is not a big problem. I don’t know if he will be with us against Hull City, yet but I hope so."

The games come thick and fast in December, with the boss fully focused on our upcoming clashes over the next few weeks.

"My players have to give everything to stay high in the table. If you don’t take any points, we have to at least fight until the end.

"You have to try to make something. Today in the second half, it was not like that. I will speak to the players and I hope we can fix it.”

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