Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

Erol post-Hull City | We were not aggressive enough

Erol Bulut spoke to the press following our defeat to Hull City. 

“The first 45 minutes was not totally how we trained and what we worked on.” Erol began. “One day before the game, everything was clear on how we wanted to face the opponent, but it didn’t work.

“We faced the opponent in our own half, which is what I didn’t want from the team. From 20-25 minutes in Hull’s half, we should press and try to put the pressure on them to make mistakes. When you don’t press well and the opponent is also a good passing team, they can escape from this pressure.

“From the corner kick, where they scored the first goal, this can happen but the second goal and how we conceded it, was not good. We’ve been too far away from the opponent, not aggressive enough.

“The second half was much better. It was how we expected it to be from the beginning and we came back with a goal from KG. But then, a misunderstanding between Ralls and Nat [Phillips] and we concede the goal.”

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

The Bluebirds' next fixture will be against Birmingham City next Wednesday, with five games left to play.

Erol continued: “We cannot change it, but what I want to see from the last five games, I will put it on my players, nobody should be relaxed with this that we’re on 56 points. We have five more games and we will try to get the maximum points we can get. We have to give something back to our fans and to ourselves.

“Of course, the season was not always perfect for us. Not easy, but we managed all together to get to a position where we are. It’s a progress here at Cardiff City compared to previous years, but we have to continue this for the last five games to give the fans better, more qualitative football.

“You can lose, but you have to fight and give everything to try to win. Not like the first half, but if you fight like we did in the second, it was much better.”