Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

Erol post-Ipswich Town | We are in a good way

City boss Erol Bulut spoke to the press after our dramatic 2-1 win against Ipswich Town.

Stoppage time goals from Ryan Wintle and Callum O'Dowda gave The Bluebirds a vital three points and extended our winning streak to four games.

"I think maybe it was the best performance of the season," Erol began. "We have been really well prepared. First of all we had one day less recovery but when we start the game I never felt like we were going to lose. From the first minute until the end of the game we were pushing and we tried a lot. First half we could lead, we had chances, all the players were fully concentrated.

"I never stopped believing that our team can change the game because we started how we finished. Full concentration, everybody worked really hard. Life is like this, you need to believe something and we believed today that we were going to win this game and we did it. It is amazing.

"Confidence is very important, when you see a few weeks before, our confidence was not good really good. The players were afraid to make mistakes, which is normal but you can only get it back with fight and trying more things that you didn't try beforehand. That started here with the 0-0 game against Blackburn. This was the key point to get our confidence back.

"The confidence is back and I think the players are in a good way to continue this way. Everybody is working really hard."

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

O'Dowda's vital last-gasp winner was his first for the club since his return from injury.
"I am really glad for him. He is a great player and he pushes hard until the end when he is playing.

"We managed the last few months really well. It was not easy for us; injuries and late transfers but now that the players have settled in well we can see the results and like I said before that takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day. We are trying to do good things here.

"The team didn't give up. They pushed and pushed until the end and we got the three points and this is what we need."

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

The fight back begun on the 95th minute when Wintle smashed the ball home from inside the box.
"Wints is an important player for us. Now he is in a really good way and if he continues like this he can be one level up.
"I think he is in a really good way and is doing well."

The last gasp turnaround sent the whole of CCS into raptures, securing a massive three points for City.
"It was amazing, I was nearly starting to run to the team but then I stopped myself, I was feeling like a player!"

Cardiff City celebrate scoring against Ipswich Town