Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

Erol post-Millwall | Every win is important

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City
Erol Bulut spoke to the press after Cardiff City’s 1-0 win over Millwall on Saturday afternoon.

“Generally, when we see the whole game, it was not the best game in terms of quality,” Erol began. “The opponents were good physically, very aggressive in duels, and we have to manage these kinds of games better, to create better passing options. We also lost the ball a lot, and that’s why we couldn’t play our game so well.

“It was a typical game of, whoever was going to score first was going to win the game, and we scored and managed to get the three points. In the second half, we stayed behind the ball more and were more compact so that we could hit them on the counter-attack. We could manage the counter-attacks better to go on to score the second and third goals, but we couldn’t do that today.

“You could see in the players faces after the game that they worked hard. But they are also happy with how today went.”

Dimi Goutas

The winning goal came from a set piece through Dimitrios Goutas, and the Bluebirds boss is keen to keep working on a key part of City’s game.

Erol continued: “We are training on our set-pieces. We’ve had many goals from them, and we will continue to do so, because this is one of our strengths.

"We have Macca, Dimi, Yak, Kion; they are all good at set-pieces and hopefully we can continue this going on into the next games.”

Cardiff City celebrate taking the lead against Millwall

The win moves the Bluebirds close to the Play-Off positions, where Bulut hopes to be come the end of the season.

“You only need to see the table to know how close it is,” Erol added. “In two games, you can win both and be near the Play-Offs, but if you lose them, you can be down to somewhere like 14th. But we want to stay in and around the Play-Offs, and we will do everything for that.

“Until the end of the season, I think we will be close to there. Every point is very important for us and every game for us is a final.”

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