Erol Bulut

Erol post-Stoke City | I’m really satisfied with the performance

Erol Bulut spoke to the press after Cardiff City’s 2-1 win over Stoke City.

“I said after the last game where we drew at home that it was a chance to get some of our confidence back." the Gaffer began. "We got one point in that, we would’ve liked to have taken three, and this game was to continue to build on our confidence.

"It was a must today to get the three points and I’m really satisfied with the performance of the team. Of course you can add more in parts of the game, but the first half was really good, we scored two goals.

"Then, after they scored, we had to fight to the end to not concede a second. Football is pressure. Our jobs are pressure.

“At home today, there was pressure because we didn’t win for a long time here, and the fans want a win, to get three points and see good football.

"On Tuesday we could’ve won, but we didn’t. Thanks to today, the team and the players are on a better level than they were 10 days ago.”

Erol Bulut

Erol was full of praise for his team, who produced an impressive performance at both ends of the pitch

"Defensively we were great. Not only the defenders, but the offensive players were working hard.

"I was delighted that the offensive players were able to score their goals. I’m happy for Kion and KG, and I hope they can continue like that.

“For offensive players, if they get an assist or score a goal, they get confidence. If you miss many chances, it’s difficult to get confidence and you may not try it again the next time. That’s why I’m satisfied with this and hope our guys continue like that.

“We still have 12 more games. My target with my players is to take maximum points from the 36 points available.”

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