Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City

Erol post-WBA | Fine margins and frustrations

Erol Bulut on the touchline for Cardiff City
Erol Bulut spoke to the press after this evening's 1-0 defeat at home to West Bromwich Albion.

"West Brom are one of the best organised teams defensively," Erol began. "There were not many chances for both sides so normally this game would typically have been a draw but sometimes you need luck and it went to the opponents today with a good shot.

"It was not enough, we tried but offensively we should try more, we should create more but we are playing one of the best defensively organised teams in the league so it was not easy.

"Today, again, we should have had a clear penalty. It was in the second half, the cross from the right, the player puts his arm out and it hits him. When you face the opponent, you don’t face them like that. You jump to the ball, and it was inside the area. We cannot change the situation of this game now, but I am frustrated with the decisions that went against us."

Ollie Tanner in action for Cardiff City

It's a quick turnaround with the Bluebirds returning to action this Saturday at Southampton.

Erol continued: "The way we played and how we pushed we tried our best tonight, we have played against good opponents so our heads are not down.

"I'm positive, I said to my players that we need to get a good rest and be ready again for the weekend. It's another hard match."